Stonehenge Flashback

- me and the Stonehenge-

Look what I found yesterday night!! Hahahaha... It's so awesome to find that CD containing every folders of photographs I have when I was in the UK. You know --that feeling of being a southern hemisphere gal-- who got stranded in the foreign land of northern hemisphere and FINALLY stepped inside the area of the mighty mighty Stonehenge. Oh gosh, I thought I would only dream about that day to come! I still remember 22nd November 2008. A perfect birthday gift for myself -Give It A Go ticket to Stonehenge & Bath. You'd never guessed what happened next: 

I met my bestfriend, Anne, by coincidence: HERE, in STONEHENGE! Awesome!
Oohhhh.. I want my UK-moments back.

Facial Anthropology 101

I have spent the week with Susan Hayes, arranging timetables for this programme that she's going to start with Pusat Arkeologi Nasional --and I have been granted the privilege to enroll on this programme as well. YAY!

Susan is a very nice woman, very smart, very precise, and a visionary of some sort. It is awesome to have met her, discussing facial approximation or reconstruction or anthropology with her, listening to her insights and everything. I simply cannot wait to start the programme. She made it (almost) possible for me to do whatever it is that Caroline Wilkinson did on History Cold Case. Because I have been watching that documentary (and reminiscing the talks about Caroline back in Shef---) and I have been wondering eagerly if I am able to do that same thing as well. And here is Susan, bringing me all these possibilities.

Why facial approximation?
I need it. I want to do it. It might not have been my passion all along, but I do not see why I can't fall in love with it. So I am giving it a chance. Plus, I really think that it would bring me good additional skills as an osteoarchaeologist. AS A WHAT NOW? Hahahahahaha.... I am still maintaining the idea of me being an osteoarchaeologist. I was whining and whining about wanting supervision, and here it is: the opportunity! I told Susan I might be slow following the programme, as I do not draw (at all...) nor do I have sharp spatial recognition ability nor sharp dimensional recognition ability. But I know I am going to try. (Picture: from Susan's brochure)

and... why faces?
because I adore handsome faces and amazing facial features, goddangit! LOL.
No seriously, ever since I know the basics of human anatomy, I began to stare at people's faces to identify muscles, but then again, I am a normal woman with tastes of handsomeness in men. WHAT? Yeah, males are mostly the faces I look at, while females --- only the unique ones. But facial features are just simply there to be recognised. I explained to Susan my concept of 'Austronesian Adonis' (that is MY term, don't use it if you don't have to) and she just smiled at the thought. Hahaha. What I'm saying is: prominent supraorbital ridges, strong jawlines, gorgeous eyes, high zygomatic arches, now THAT is handsome. And there are groups of people been blessed with those features, and there is no reason not to look at them. Face is the most visible part of your body, it's something that you reckon whenever you meet someone; passerby, your significant other, your family. I have been interested on faces since I tried that methods of microexpression thingie with Paul Newman. But facial approximation would be something else. I think, my curiosity upon facial expression would help a bit on this programme. Knowing and seeing what the faces of those skeletons I have been digging would be wonderful. It would make me a little bit closer to them; to put their faces back, to have their stories written and told. It is a long way to learn, it is a long way to master it. But I do not see why I can't do it, or at least try to do it. This is my why-not moment. I'm going to jump and dive right into it, without expectations, but with goals. Huh? Somehow contradictory, but yeah, whatever.

My version of Austronesian Adonis. Rico Blanco. Period.
image source: GoogleImages

There is this other picture that disturbs me in someway, but I'm afraid I cannot post it here. That picture simply puts me on the edge of raaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwrrrrr-ing upon seeing it. Too much of Austronesian Adonises in one picture. LOL. Women's faces --- ummm, not so much. My femininity is being either attacked or challenged, especially when they look much better than I do. HAHAHAHAHAAHA.. i'm joking. There are traditional beauties that captures my eyes, gets me thinking of how original their beauties are, but today's faces simply look the same to me. Thanks to all the make ups and photoshops. I'm more of a fan of real traditional beauties. Because with that, you'll see the real measurements of those features. No mark ups, no make ups. Even I need my face photoshopped before I can say, "okay... you can post that on Facebook." -for real-

Then, gadget-wise....
I have not been able to get my hands dirty or electrocuted with wiring errors by using any gadgets. Though I would like to, but I do not seem to have the link or access to super-cool gadgets. Watching Caroline Wilkinson on BBC, I kind know what sort of gadget I want to have:

Clicking this link would bring you to that website ---- which seduces me to buy one.
You know--- my bday is not til the end of the year... so--- you might have quite some times to figure out if you're going to surprise me with this tied in ribbons as a present. HAHAHA. No lipsticks nor shoes. POLHEMUS FastScan Scorpion is what I want as a present. LOL

So, here begins my journey to dive deeper into the world of osteoarchaeology.... sans the gadgets, maybe.... But I cannot wait for myself to be clay-covered and drawing --- oh my GOD! HAHAHA.... that would be a challenge! LOL. The programme is due to start in August 2013. I will occasionally write a report here, too. Wish me luck!!

Post-excavation blues (and) ballads

This always happens whenever I just got back from an excavation - or a trip to the field. I called it 'post-excavation blues'. 
 Symptoms include:
  • reminiscing to the days on the field
  • thinking that I could have done better
  • thought about one item forgotten
  • thought about one problematic forgotten to be covered
  • smiling at the thought of the wind on a particular day on the field
  • longing to go back to the field ASAP.

Does this happens to you as well?
Oh -- if I had a nickel for every time it happens!
there should be a song written about it!